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Mother Vulture - "Mr Jones"

Don’t you just love it when you stumble across a great track by a great band completely inadvertently? Well, that’s what happened when I was pulled into the Youtube vortex of clicking on the first thumbnail that caught my attention in the sidebar. That was when I came across a track that I haven’t been able to stop playing all week!

Band: Mother Vulture

Location: Bristol, U.K.


Vocals - Georgi Valentine

Guitar - Brodie Maguire

Bass - Chris Simpson

Drums - Matt West

Single: “Mr Jones”

Review: “Mr Jones” is the latest track by Bristolian-rockers: Mother Vulture. It kicks things off with a dirty, rock-and-roll style bass riff before belting in at high volume, really punching you in the face. As the track enters the first verse, the instruments pull back – allowing the vocals to take centre stage. Gordi’s vocals definitely add an extra layer of character and uniqueness to the sound of Mother Vulture, separating them from many hard rock bands. As mentioned, the verse is driven by the vocals, but the instrumentation and arrangements are great. Sitting back but also knowing when to turn up and tag team with the vocals. Some great drumming by Matt West. Simple but effective while maintaining a solid groove. The guitars add flavour to the verse by sprinkling some sick hard rock licks over the rhythm section. Tastefully done by avoiding anything which will draw attention away from the vocals but still maintaining an extra layer which compliments the vocals and the groove from the rhythm section.

The same goes for the bass. Punching into the track every so often to allow everyone else to have their moment, but also adding another dynamic to the sound and accenting each bar. It’s simple but works very well, especially for this track. It makes me want to falcon punch something but allows me to have those few beats free to find something worth punching.

The track picks back up to its franticness which was teased during the intro before heading back into the next verse where we are treated to a second set of vocals. More rough and gritty, and what some may associate more to this kind of band, but they compliment the main vocals really well as they start to play off one another.

The track then beings to play out to its conclusion with guitar licks backed up by accented drums and bass, followed with a blend of half time and upbeat rhythms. “Mr Jones” throws back to its high energy riff once again with some slight variations from the guitar parts, before signing off, leaving me sonically-satisfied and wanting to hear more from Mother Vulture.

Verdict: Overall, a very well arranged and a great hard rock song I believe anyone, and everyone can enjoy. It’s fun, frantic, energetic and has tremendous amounts of character to it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve repeated it. For a track that’s just over 2 minutes long, the listener is treated to a lot while not having too much going on to make it over saturated. It’s simple but effective and really packs a punch. Bristol has always been a breeding ground for great underground music, but Mother Vulture are up there with some of the best I’ve heard, and this track will definitely make you feel the same way!

Rating: 5/5

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